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Employee Profiles: Kelly Kendall

Friday, October 6th, 2017 by Danielle Beaver

Here at Bone Dry we want to start shedding a light on our employees by writing blogs about them. From our production staff, salesmen, and repairmen to our various office staff and managers, everyone at Bone Dry serves a purpose in the company. Because of this, we want our customers to get to know our staff on a more personal level. And why not start with our September Employee of the Month: Kelly Kendall.


Kelly is a customer service representative here at Bone Dry Indianapolis (the head quarters) and loves helping and talking to people. “I like dealing with the customers. Even when they’re upset, I can usually calm them down,” said Kelly. Kelly has such a bubbly personality and kind demeanor that it’s nearly impossible to not strike up a conversation with her. “Sometimes the guys come down to talk to me. They say ‘even if you're mad at us you’ll help us’.”


Kelly said she grew up in Mooresville, IN but now lives in Indianapolis and has 4 children (22, 20, 18, and 16 y/o) and a miniature schnauzer named Max. She says she likes to spend her free time with her children and boyfriend, but if she had more free time: she’d read more. “I love to read. I don’t get to read a lot right now. There’s a lot to do when you have 4 kids.” She also enjoys going to wine tastings and sitting around a campfire.


Kelly really puts forth an extreme amount of effort and dedication into everyday at work. Which can be seen through the amount of votes she received for Employee of the Month. She said, “I almost cried in front of Chris. It was completely unexpected. I feel like I just do what I’m supposed to do. I was flattered that my coworkers see that I do come in and stay late.”


“What I like most about Bone Dry is the way they make me feel. They make me feel like they appreciate what I have done. I stay late, I work extra and don’t complain about it. If I need anything, I could go to them and they’ll help me out. But I feel like they do that because they know I’m dependable; i'm here for Bone Dry. I’m for the company, I believe in the company.” She said, “It’s a good place to work. Is it stressful? Absolutely. But there are benefits. Gene is very good to his employees. If there's an issue, you can go to anyone in management and if they can help, they’ll help you.”


We appreciate Kelly and everything she does for us here at headquarters. Thanks Kelly!


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